Designer - AYA Kataoka

その中で、Olympia Le-Tan (オランピア ル タン)と出逢い、インターンを経て製作に携わり、刺繍が身近なものとなる。

その後、刺繍アトリエの最高峰LESAGE (CHANELやDiorなどのオートクチュールコレクションの刺繍を手掛けるアトリエ)が運営する、Ecole LESAGE (エコール ルサージュ)へ入学し、リュネビル刺繍を習得。

同時に、オートクチュールブランド ALEXIS MABILLE (アレクシス マビル)でのインターンで、実際に作品製作・ショーに携わり、”オートクチュールとしてのリュネビル刺繍”を学ぶ。

その後就職したカタール財閥運営オートクチュールブランド(カタール・ドーハ拠点 )での経験もSWIMAYAの大きなスパイスとなる。


現在は、軽井沢にアトリエを構え、 自然からのインスピレーションとこれまで培った感性を刺繍という媒体で表現している。


As an artistic swimmer for about 12 years, she was exposed to costume design and decided to study in Paris, France at the age of 18.
At the age of 18, she decided to study in Paris, France, and went to France, where she met Olympia Le-Tan, and after an internship, she became involved in production and became familiar with embroidery.
The embroidery of Olympia's creative, free, playful, and heartfelt works had a profound effect on her expression, sensitivity, and way of thinking.
She then enrolled in Ecole LESAGE, run by LESAGE, a leading embroidery atelier that embroiders for CHANEL, Dior, and other prestigious fashion houses.
At the same time, she had an internship at Alexis Mabille, a brand of haute couture, where she was actually involved in the production and show of the products and learned how to embroider Luneville as haute couture.
His subsequent work experience at the Qatar Zaibatsu-run Autoctuque Brand (based in Doha, Qatar) was also a big boost for SWIMAYA.

After returning to Japan, he established SWIMAYA in order to express in his works the sensibility and color sensibility that he experienced in Japan, France, and Qatar, environments with vastly different cultures and backgrounds.
Currently, she has an atelier in Karuizawa, Japan, where she uses embroidery as a medium to express the sensibility she has cultivated through inspiration from nature.